Being a health coach with Elysr
Provide your expertise to a larger number of people and help them heal safely, and faster.


Our first pathway Low FODMAP Diet therapy

Who can be a health coach?

Professionals with relevant expertise in the Low FODMAP Diet or functional gastrointestinal disorders can apply to be a health coach with Elysr. It's free to sign up and list your services. You will need to provide a proof of your qualifications and go through a verification process before users can send you coaching requests.

What can I do as a health coach?

You can track your protégés' progress on their Low FODMAP Diet pathway through the secure cloud-based Elysr-Dashboard. Your protégés are the users with whom you have an active coaching relationship. You will be able to view the meals (incl. FODMAP assessment of recognized foods), symptoms, well-being and habits reports of your protégés. You may assess the FODMAP content of eaten meals, recipes or other food items submitted by users. You may also send messages with actions to your protégés, either scheduled to all that match the criteria that you set, or to a specific user. If you have a blog where you publish low FODMAP recipes or meal alternatives, you can link it to your profile, and the app will make sure to show your content to users who would most appreciate reading it, at the most relevant time.
We will help you prove results.

In short, you'll have the digital tools to scale your human-to-human services to large groups of people. You get to provide them with almost instant personalized feedback on behavior so that they can heal safely, and faster.

Getting paid

Protégés pay Elysr when they send a coaching request and each time they renew their subscription. Elysr releases the money to health coaches as soon as the health coach accepts the coaching request or renewal. Elysr automatically includes service fees in each transaction.

Using Elysr's payment system gives you access to the Elysr-Dashboard for free. Contact us to discuss other pricing scheme appropriate for your care organization.

How to contact us

If you have questions about the health coach services or if you would like to join as a health coach, you should contact us at